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TO YOU SWEETHEART, ALOHA is a one-hour documentary which follows the 94th year in the life of the colorful Honolulu-born 'ukulele master Bill Tapia, exploring not only the charismatic musician and his unique stamp on the creation of Hawaiian jazz, but also the consummate showman and the endearing storyteller who seeks the fountain of youth.

While mourning the death of his wife and only daughter, Bill finds a muse in 26-year-old Alyssa Archambault, his manager and friend who helps him connect to his past and rebuild a future in music. Bill's illustrious history, spanning more than 85 years as a musical pioneer and a charismatic entertainer in both the Hawaiian islands and the mainland, serves as the backdrop to an unconventional friendship founded on an infectious love of Hawaiian music and culture. But at the core of this captivating narrative is a complex and often turbulent portrait of an elderly artist clinging to his youthful spirit despite losing the battle against an aged body and learning to forge a life for himself after outliving everyone he loves.

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